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I spent the first ten years of my career at advertising agencies and the next ten directing creative from the client-side. Today, I use my experience to help a variety of clients develop marketing plans, websites, emails, brochures, social media, ebooks, presentations and more. Beyond brilliant writing, my superpowers include empathy, design-thinking and the ability to translate complex information into compelling strategies.
My passion is helping people see the world in a new, more nuanced way. That might mean showing them how to thrive with a chronic pain condition through my pain support group. Or showing others how to see life through a more compassionate lens with the help of traumatic brain injury patients. Or enlightening them to the plight of others with a timely ebook.

I have a deep, all-encompassing curiosity about the world and how it works. I'm interested in the designs destined to become the building blocks of our future society: neuroscience, artificial intelligence, biohacking, healthcare apps and medical devices. Among so many other things.

Some other career highlights include:
  • Launching a restaurant chain in the Rockies (Tortilla Wraps).
  • Founding and operating a youth advertising agency in Detroit (Creative Front).
  • Designing, developing and opening three mental health rehabilitation facilities (Life Skills Village).
  • Writing a birthday roast for a local celeb (I'm sworn to secrecy about the candidate's identity, but it was hilarious, even if I say so myself).
  • Ghostwriting editorials for small business owners, doctors and even a politician.
  • Published numerous articles, short stories, and poetry.
Besides work, I spend a little time every day educating myself online on subjects that pique my interest. Currently, I'm working on a certification from University of Manchester called, "Our Earth: Its Climate, History, and Processes." I've also schooled myself on artificial intelligence (Google DeepMind), UXUI Design (Google/Coursera), and Content Strategy (Northwestern University).
The majority of my time is spent enjoying life with my wife and insane puppy. I can usually be found reading or writing something.
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