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US Global Mail Campaign: AI for Admins

Eagle carrying an envelope - the US Global Mail logo

US Global Mail serves two types of customers: consumers and small-to-enterprise size businesses. Their service includes a virtual mailing address, mail scanning, forwarding, secure cloud storage and direct check deposit. Since mail is often the duty of the office admin, we decided to target this campaign to administrative assistants, office managers, and their bosses. Our goal is to demonstrate the value of virtual mail while providing ways for them to be more productive leveraging the latest artificial intelligence tools.

Deliverables included a blog on the company website (also posted as native content on social sites):

  • Blog

  • Blogcast

  • ebook

  • Carousel ad

  • Quote meme

  • Infographic

Creative Includes:

The Blog: From Paper Piles to Productivity: How Admins and Managers Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Turn Boring Tasks Into Opportunities! ✨📊
The Blogcast: click below to play.

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Carousel Ad on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

Male and female coworkers peruse a document together.
Cover page for 5 AI Productivity Tips for Admin Assts

ebook (downloaded via gated email capture)

Cover of the Productivity Guide, shows a young admin hard at work

Quote Meme & Design

AI and Productivity Quote


AI and Your Job Infographic

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