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Fathead Decor: A Primer for Moms


It’s okay if you don’t know what a Fathead is yet – despite their instant cache with sports fans and kids, Fathead wall graphics are relatively new on the scene.  Besides being universally age-appropriate, awe-inspiring and motivational, Fathead wall graphics are really, really cool.  They can transform any room in under five minutes and make your job of decorating your kid’s room fairly simple – while making you look like a hero to your children and their friends.

Maybe we should back up and actually define Fathead. A Fathead is a life-size wall graphic of a star athlete, super hero or entertainment icon.  They’re constructed from high-grade, durable vinyl that will stick to any flat, clean surface and can be easily moved from wall-to-wall without losing adhesion.  The images are so vivid, we can legally call them hi-def - short for high definition (HD) - like that television your husband salivates over every time you’re at the mall.  Plus, unlike the scores of toys you’ve purchased that easily crack, crumble or disintegrate when touched, Fathead wall graphics last.  Let’s put it this way: if your son is ten-years-old when you buy him his first Fathead, it should survive through his teen years and accompany him to college.

Beyond simply being a quality product desired by fans of every sport -  Fathead is also a great home decor idea.  It’s the ultimate expression of passion.  Whether they’re inspirational athletes, comic book super heroes with all-American values or a favorite entertainment icon – Fathead wall graphics only represent figures worthy of admiration.  From a parental perspective, they’re life-size, aspirational graphics fit for your walls.


If you’re considering decorating with a Fathead or Fatheads, here are a few things for you to consider:


Paint: Putting up a Fathead takes five minutes.  Painting a room takes all day!  However, should you decide to paint and put up a Fathead, the color selection process is drastically simplified. Go to the nearest home improvement store and purchase paint that either matches the team colors or compliments them. Glidden has a line of NFL team colors paint ideal for accompanying any Fathead.


Wallpaper: Assuming you’re handy enough to do a professional-looking job of putting up wallpaper (I’m not), it’s still a tedious and expensive process.  If you decide to go in this direction, the good news is that a Fathead will stick to wallpaper just fine.  You can also take it down and move it as often as you like without ruining your new wallpaper. 


Framed Art:  Besides putting holes in your walls, framed art can cost bukku bucks and, since there are as many opinions about art as there are people, it isn’t guaranteed to get a positive reaction.  The standard response to people seeing a Fathead for the first time is typically awe.  Then, most people touch it to see if it’s as 3D as it looks.


Tapestries: Unless your family lives in a centuries-old, European castle, tapestries are a wee too medieval - especially for a kid’s room.          


Memorabilia: While usually exciting, memorabilia can be extremely pricey and must always be protected from the sticky hands of admirers.  Fatheads can be admired up close, ogled, touched - even cuddled (usually by female Brett Favre fans) – and the high-grade, durable vinyl will come through with flying colors!


Decorative Plates & Sconces: Unless the plates feature NASCAR drivers, they’re probably not for your kid’s bedroom.  And, although I’m not even sure what a sconce is, I’d bet it isn’t anywhere near as exciting as a Fathead of Tom Brady throwing a touchdown pass.  Besides, plates break!  Fatheads are durable.


Posters: Once they’re on your wall, they don’t come off without tearing.  Temperature and humidity changes can quickly alter a poster’s appearance for the worse.  If you decide to go the framed poster route, which will solve the aforementioned issues, the frame will cost more than the poster itself – and together they’ll total way more than any Fathead.


The bottom line: compared to all your other décor options, Fathead is inspirational, affordable, durable, vivid, sure to be the talk of your son’s friends and HUGE!

Adding a Fathead will transform any hum-drum room into a shrine in under five minutes without damaging the wall - AND it’s sure to be a big hit with your whole family.  Fathead’s are easy to get.  There are hundred’s to choose from AND you’ll be the coolest mom in the neighborhood for decorating with one…or five.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Mom’s that are already hip to Fathead aren’t shy about sharing their feelings with us.  Here’s what a few of them had to say:


I bought my son the Brian Urlacher Fathead for Christmas last year.  Ever since then, he’s been dropping hints that there’s another version of Urlacher that would fit perfectly in our basement!  This is one Christmas I don’t have to guess what to get him!  Fathead is a huge hit with our whole family!

- Connie V., Illinois


My son is crazy about Spider-Man. He was even Spider-Man for Halloween.

So I got him a Spider-Man 3 Fathead for his birthday and he won't stop talking

about how cool it looks in his bedroom.

- Megan Z., Texas


“You’ve got to see this” are the first words out of my son’s mouth to any of our visitors before he drags them off to his bedroom.  He loves showing off his Reggie Bush Fathead so much he can’t even remember his other birthday gifts!

- Lisa T., California

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