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What can an ebook do for your business?

The beauty of an ebook is that you can read it wherever you are, on whatever device you choose. They're also an exceptional way to snag your customer's attention and show them that YOU are the authenticated, verified expert in your field.  The beauty part? You don't have to be a writer. That's why you hire me! I can write in your name as a ghostwriter or co-author of the book leveraging my decades of creative and business writing experience.


Need help marketing the book when we're done? That's my bread and butter.

Check out two e-book examples below and contact me when you're serious about an e-book.

Book cover with a female blonde admin on her laptop at the office

Written for US Global Mail, this ebook is intended to teach administrative assistants and their bosses how to become more productive using artificial intelligence. Anyone can become more productive by automating the boring parts of their jobs with AI!

Book cover with a blue background and green text

Every business deserves a creative marketing plan based on objective metrics, consumer insights, and strategic thinking. I devised this ebook as a way for small business owners to ask themselves the right to questions to give me the answers needed to write a proper plan. Basically, it's a moneysaver.

ebook cover with a white hexigon background

This was my very first ebook. Please excuse the design! What makes this portfolio worthy? I distill Michigan's complex auto no-fault laws into actionable info that consumers could read to inform themselves before hiring a personal injury attorney.

Have Something You Want to Say in an Ebook?

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